What We Do

Our philosophy focuses on creating engagement with the end consumer, because without them a partnership will not stand the test of time. Through networks, meaningful engagement, passion and drive we can assist you in finding, creating, building and executing partnerships that enable increased market share, increased sales and, in-turn, increased profitability.

With vast networks within sports and commercial businesses through both New Zealand and internationally Side by Side can assist businesses in putting together meaningful partnerships that deliver sustainable return on investment.

We create opportunities that are not only mutually beneficial for commercial businesses and sports, but more importantly they are created to enable innovative fan engagements. After all, if we can’t create a win for the end consumer then the partnership isn’t worthwhile!

We can assist commercial businesses in building and executing partnerships right through to developing their entire partnership portfolio. We are always mindful of achieving an increased return on investment and through innovative brand alignments businesses can gain increased market share, increased sales and therefore increased profitability.

The commercial sustainability of sports is vital to the health and wellbeing of our communities. It is also widely known that the vast majority of sporting organisations nationwide struggle to stay afloat. There is a great need for more commercial thinking in sports, however, a number of our largest sports organisations don’t have the resources to enable increased commercial structures.

We can assist your sport in your commercial endeavours and work through new and innovative income streams. Whether you need assistance in attracting a new partner or full development of a commercial strategy Side by Side has the experience to be able to assist.

Sports people are the lifeblood of the sporting community. New Zealanders are well known for punching above their weight internationally, however, there are significant mental, physical and commercial barriers in place for sports people as they drive towards their dream goals.

We can take away the commercial barriers for sports people so they can spend their time and energy on developing their mental and physical toughness.

We don’t refer to it as the Berlin Wall but there is a huge gap in the market between commercial businesses and sports. Time and time again we see the limited understanding both sides of the fence have of one another.

We are here to bridge that gap (or bust down that wall) and bring more commercial businesses and sports closer. The more everyone works together the more successful we are all going to be.

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