The life of Side by Side

Side by Side Founder & Managing Director, Nick Rowland, has over 10 years experience on both sides of the commercial sport ‘fence’. Nick has seen a movement away from traditional sponsorships into more sustainable partnerships which has created opportunities that just haven’t been available before.

He believes when you combine increased pressure on the bottom line and the pace of change that is evident in the digital age, everyone is finding it harder than ever to create more sustainable solutions.

For Nick, it was simple, ‘put the fan at the forefront of the relationship
and the rest will come’. It was on that promise that Side by Side was born!

What can we do for you?


We can assist you in developing a partnership strategy right through to implementation and execution. Whether you need to increase your brand exposure, drive sales or build a community portfolio we have the expertise and knowledge to make it happen.


We can assist you in driving new and innovative income streams.
Through increased commercial sustainability, sports can be enabled to drive increased participation and fan engagement which appeals to a wider commercial marketplace and in-turn increases revenue.

Who we’re working with

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